Glastonbury 2013

Its been nearly three weeks since i arrived back from the fields of Glastonbury and with Love Box this weekend and Secret Garden Party the weekend after its about time i open my mouth about the mother of all festies that is….Glasto.

Touching down on the thursday, we arrived just as it started to rain. Trudging through mud with a suitcase larger than myself was not ideal, but as a Glasto virgin i’d always been told that getting there is part of the whole trip and always a mission. But as soon as we got to our hospitality site in Park and into our beautiful tipi i shook off my rut and calmed down.

After making the smart decision to chill on thurs, i was engergised friday which luckily brought the sunshine with it. Friday day was spent mostly exploring Shangrila and dipping in and out of all the bands, the evening was all about Niall Rogers and Chic. My ultimate favourite 70’s group, starting the show with ‘Everybody dance’ i was completely in my element. I dont remember much after that except ending up surround by trannies in the infamous bloc 9 and backstage at NYC down low. hilarious. 

Saturday was the big one and with the stones headlining i knew i was looking at a all nighter, so i made the conscious decision to conserve as much energy as possible in the day and lucky for me it was the hottest day yet so stuck mainly to the Park area. Catching parts of Rodriguez’s  performance and chilling out in the sun. i was happy! we left for the stones about 20 mins before they were due on stage so we hurried over to the pyramid stage to get ourselves a good spot. 

The Stones performance was epic to say the least and at the ripe old age of 69 Mick Jagger has definitely still got the moves and the voice. Heading back to camp for a short sit down and booze up it was off to shangrila for the No.1 thing to do at Glastonbury. Kubicle. After Kubicle with all my Krew we made it into the back area of the infamous rabbit whole where we continued well into the following afternoon.

Sunday was spent mostly trying to soak up as much as possible of the glasto magic before missioning it back home. But to make it less of a mission a group of us stopped at the luxurious Babington house for a bit of R&R. The perfect way to end to end it all…

Hot bitches rocking out #faketv3

Hot bitches rocking out #faketv3

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#tbt me and @pixiegeldof back in 2004. #notmuchhaschanged

#tbt me and @pixiegeldof back in 2004. #notmuchhaschanged

Garden shoot for @lucyin_disguise #hippygardengirls

Garden shoot for @lucyin_disguise #hippygardengirls

Behind the Candelabra

Let me just start by applauding Michael Douglas on his performance in this film. The transformation made by the Hollywood star and legend is truly remarkable! For those of you who have been living under a rock and have no idea what i am talking about, Michael Douglas can be seen in cinema’s playing the late Liberace in Steven Soderbergh adaptation of Behind the Candelbra.The film is everything you’d expect it to be through its representation of the Las Vegas showman; glitzy, glamourous, and of course overtly camp. But like Las Vegas the film has a dark undertone, emphasising how money cannot buy you everything and in this case it has come at a price….

Michael Douglas was not the only transformed star to appear in the movie, Matt Damon plays Scott Thorson, Liberace’s young lover who he was involved with between the years 1976-82 and who wrote the book Behind the Candelabra to which the film is based. Rob Low another recognisable face playing a not so recognisable crazy surgeon who adds some light comedy to the film. It must be said that all the actors in this film really did give it their all and have truly outdone themselves through their performances. 

I was lucky enough to get tickets to see this incredible film at the recently refurbished Electric cinema in Nottinghill and it must be said that seeing something like that in the upmost comfort definitely added to my overall experience of the film. 

I cannot stress it enough but this film is 100% one to watch! and for the future definitely have a look at the Electric’s website to see what upcoming shows they have as it make a world of difference to your viewing experience. 


Welcome home ☀☀☀ (at Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons)

Welcome home ☀☀☀ (at Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons)

Shoot day with @lucydisguise #whiteonwhite

Shoot day with @lucydisguise #whiteonwhite

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Paint The Dark @ Camden Barfly

On Wednesday the 17th of April I went to go and check out up and coming band Paint the Dark. It was their second live performance and they packed 6 songs into a half hour set. The boys have only been together since late last year but have already recorded loads of material.

They have a great sound, and definitely got me in the mood for lazy summer afternoons. In my eyes their sound is bit like if the Beach boys met MGMT mixed in with a bit of London moodiness. Front man Ben has been involved in music for years, which is apparent through his natural on stage charisma.  During the Performance Ben added to the catchy riffs even more through getting on the piano and singing his heart out, injecting a level of emotion into the music. I was totally engaged.

Overall Paint the Dark captivated their audience on Wednesday and are, definitely ones to watch!

After the show I managed to grab Ben for a few questions, here’s what he had to say: 

So firstly what are the full names of all you guys and who plays what?

Ben Burrows: vocals, Rich Cooper: drums, Neil Tollitt: bass, synthesizers and vocals. Our good friend Adam Coney plays guitar at live shows. 

I hear you have recorded an album already, will you be releasing tracks from the album on the website or have you got a soundcloud page as well?

We can’t wait for people to hear more. It’s quite a different sound. We have recorded an albums worth of material over the last 9 months and we’re writing and adding new songs all the time. We’ll be releasing Lariat as a single very soon and we’ll be putting much more out on soundcloud and elsewhere afterwards. 

How would you describe your sound? and what could you compare it to if you had to?

I’ve found it difficult to describe. There’s elements to it that seem familiar but it’s tough to work out why. It’s driven by melody and drums. In terms of comparisons - we all see it differently. I’ve heard some people say XTC and others The Strokes on a dark day. It’s a question I need to figure out a straight forward answer to. I’ll keep trying…. 

Am I correct in saying that you have been together since late last year?

Nearly yeah, we were just writing and recording privately in our own secret bubble. It was a good place to be. Now we’ve found our direction I can’t wait for people to have a listen to the result so far. 

and any big gigs planned for the summer?

Definitely. There’s more new songs to record in the studio. We are also talking to lots of people about playing some very exciting shows and festivals. The live show is already becoming a really important part of what we do.

Be sure to check out their website for more releases and upcoming shows.!home/mainPage

Friday nights paradise concert @brixtonacademy #paradisebrixton @misssingrid @jamiejonesmusic @lucacazal79 @leefossmusic and @alilove more information coming soon…

Friday nights paradise concert @brixtonacademy #paradisebrixton @misssingrid @jamiejonesmusic @lucacazal79 @leefossmusic and @alilove more information coming soon…

Pixie Geldof

Little Pixie Geldof is more than just a pretty face. She may have modelled for such household names like Levi’s, Pringle and Agent Provocateur, but Pixie is first and foremost a musician. As lead singer of the band Violet her star status is only on the rise. The band first got together in 2010 and have played a number of events and gigs and are currently being managed by LuvLuvLuv management.

Having rock legend Bob Geldof as a father Pixie has learnt a lot about music and not only that but how to look after and protect herself from the pressures of stardom. She is intelligent, funny and beautiful a winning combination in my eyes. Expect even bigger things from her this year.